eat Ann Arbor

Sloppy Yusef

After hearing about takeout from eat from a friend, we finally gave it a go! I was on that side of town for a meeting that ended right before dinner, so it worked out perfectly (I even managed to get out of that TINY parking lot on one try!).

I ordered Dave the Cubano sandwich: pork confit, proscuitto, aged gouda, pickled jalapeƱo, aioli, and whole grain mustard pressed and grilled on an onion bun. I ordered a sloppy Yusuf, eat’s take on a sloppy Joe: Moroccan spiced ground lamb with cucumber yogurt sauce on an onion bun. Both sandwiches were flavorful and very tasty.

I also ordered the mac and cheese for us to share as a side dish, which was good, but nothing phenomenal. It was also a tad small for the price, which was sold as an entree.

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