Easter Baking

cupcake pudding shooters

Cupcake Pudding Shooters from Endless Summer
These were easy to make, though they require a bit of specialized equipment. On Friday, I made the chocolate cups using a candy mold and paint brush. I melted the chocolate coating in the microwave at 15 second bursts until it was mostly melted and then I stirred it until smooth. I filled each cup about 1/3 of the way full and then used the brush to pull the chocolate up on the sides. I put in the fridge for a few minutes before unmolding them.

Then on Saturday, I made the filling and piped it into the cups using a star tip on a piping bag. I didn’t add the sprinkles until I was ready to serve to prevent them from bleeding. The alcohol was definitely more prominent on Saturday, it mellowed out significantly by Sunday afternoon. I would make these again and maybe mix-up the liqueurs. I think a White Russian shooter with Kahlua and whipped cream vodka would be a nice combination.

lemon bundt cake

Lemon Bundt Cake from Tracey’s Culinary Adventures
I think I overbaked it slightly, but it was light and very flavorful. The texture was really nice due to the cake flour and from folding in the egg whites at the end. I would definitely make this one again. It was very easy to make. Other than baking it a little less, I would also try making the glaze a bit thicker as a lot of it ran off the sides of the cake. A cream cheese frosting would also work well with the sweet and tart cake.

Parker House rolls

(Miss) Parker House Rolls from Alton Brown
Both the (Miss) Parker House Rolls and the butter flake rolls were made from the same dough, but then they were formed through different processes to finish. For the (Miss) Parker House Rolls, Dave rolled the dough into small balls, which were flattened out with the rolling pin and then folded over a small pat of butter.

The butter flake roll dough was rolled out into a square and then brushed with butter. Once the butter had set, Dave cut it into long, narrow strips, which were then cut into twelfths and the bundles of strips were then placed in a muffin tin to bake.

Butter Flake Rolls

Butter Flake Rolls from Alton Brown

Overnight Monkey Bread

Overnight Monkey Bread from Alton Brown
Everyone enjoyed this so much last Christmas that we made it again for Easter! This time around we made the full recipe that makes two bundt pans. While it’s not as good as leftovers, it’s still really good. I HIGHLY recommend everyone try this recipe.

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