Get Another Tattoo


Another item crossed off my Life List! I’ve been wanting to get another tattoo for a long time. My first (and only other) tattoo is almost 14 years old! When I first started freelancing, I decided that I would get another tattoo once I hit a particular financial goal. That goal has come and gone years ago and I just finally got around to getting it now.

This particular design is called a Koru and it’s from the Maori culture in New Zealand. When we were on our honeymoon there, I bought a koru necklace. The artist that had carved it told us it meant ‘new beginnings’ and that it was good luck to receive it as a gift after it had been worn for a while by the giver. Dave wore the necklace until my last day at my old job and on the day I quit and became an official freelancer, he gave it to me.

The tattoo was done by Cole Dunn at Name Brand Tattoo in Ann Arbor. I would highly recommend both Cole and Name Brand Tattoo. Cole was very professional and the tattoo shop was very clean (and very busy, a good sign!).

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