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Tiramisu Bundt Cake from Baking Bites
This cake was very easy to make and had an impressive swirl when you cut into it. The cake had a nice dense crumb and was fairly moist. I really liked the flavor of the frosting and the recipe made plenty of it so you don’t need to skimp!

Almond Poppy Seed Muffins from Let’s Dish
This recipe was very fast and easy to make. The muffins were very flavorful and moist. At first I thought maybe I screwed something up as I got 8 more muffins than the recipe stated I would get, but they were perfect. I used King Arthur Flour’s natural almond extract. I didn’t have any vanilla extract, so I left it out, but I don’t think we missed it since the almond flavor was so rich and pronounced. I will definitely be making these again.

French Toast from Alton Brown
The recipe we used (from Good Eats: The Middle Years) had 2 tablespoons of honey and we added 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract compared to this recipe on the Food Network website. This French toast was excellent! We had intended on making it while camping, but we got rained out so we made if for dinner one night instead. We used the vanilla egg challah bread from Breadsmith and it worked perfectly. The leftovers reheated really well in the toaster oven too.

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookies from Evil Shenanigans
When I lived in the dorms at the University of Michigan, I always was a fan of the chocolate peanut butter chip cookies the cafeterias had and this recipe is as close to those cookies as I remember. Warning! These are highly addictive and this recipe makes a lot of cookies! We froze a dozen or so and they should come back to life nicely in the toaster oven.

Chocolate Donuts from Vanilla Sugar
I made these donuts to take camping as well and unfortunately they didn’t turn out. The recipe called for sea salt, but I didn’t have small grain sea salt only large so it never dissolved properly. Because of the salt issue, the donuts didn’t taste very chocolatey. The texture was also off. I was expecting something very dense and these were light and fluffy. I’ll have to try again sometime. The donut pan worked out really well though.

Berry Cobbler Bars from Joy the Baker
I made these for my friends, Katie and Kyle’s, baby shower. This was the second time I made this recipe and they are so good (and so easy!). The first time I made them, I used all blueberries, this time I did half blueberries and half raspberries. The combination was perfect. This is a great recipe for a potluck or shower because it makes a lot (a half sheet pan full)!

Texas Sheet Cake from Pioneer Woman
Not the exact recipe I used (mine called for buttermilk instead of sour cream), but it’s from an old elementary school cookbook and this recipe was close enough. This is also a great recipe for a potluck or shower because it makes a lot (a half sheet pan full too)! The cake was moist, delicious, and very chocolatey! I think next time, I would leave the nuts out of the frosting and then sprinkle the cake with them as the nuts in the frosting made it harder to spread.

Tomato Jam from Food in Jars
We canned our usual tomato sauce, pizza sauce, salsa, and diced tomatoes with the bounty from our garden, but I wanted to try something really different…tomato jam. It’s delicious! I keep thinking of ways we can use this: on burger, as a glaze on chicken or pork, over cream cheese as an appetizer, etc. It’s got great tomato flavor and a nice kick from the hot pepper flakes.

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