Frita Batidos

Frita Batidos

After Dave and Karly ran the Shamrocks & Shenanigans 5K, we were all hungry. As we made our way over to Liberty Street, we cut over on Washington and passed Frita Batidos, which happened to be on our Eating Out Wishlist! Karly and Bill were game so we decided to try it.

I ordered the Cuban sloppy joe on a brioche bun with a coconut soda. Despite it being around 12:30pm, they were still only serving breakfast. I was able to order the sloppy joe because the filling is also used in the Cuban omelet, which Dave ordered (Karly and Bill ordered the vegetarian Cuban omelet). My sloppy joe was delicious, I couldn’t tell you what was in it, other than ground beef, but it was very tasty as was the soda. The omelets were large and came with a side of black beans, potatoes, salsa, and fresh pineapple.

While the food was very good, it was kind of pricey. The cost of Dave’s omelet and my sloppy joe along with the coconut soda and a mocha for Dave, the bill came to around $27. This is especially high when you consider that seating is at communal picnic tables and all the plates, silverware, and cups are plastic (eco plastic, but still plastic). So while I would go back to Frita Batidos because I enjoyed the food, it won’t be very often because of the price.

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