A Happy & Healthy New Year, Part 2

New Year's Eve

This is my continuation of Sarah’s post from yesterday. We wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year and with that wish comes some things that make us (and possibly you) happy and healthy.

Happy Things

New Recipes -I’m planning on trying a lot of new recipes this year, both dinner entrees and muffins (for my new muffin pans!). Can you tell I have a lot of shredded zucchini in the freezer?!? New recipes are always fun to make and even more fun to taste.

Photography -I received a new lens for Christmas this year from Dave. I’m really excited to learn how to use it and to improve my photography skills in general, both technically and creatively. Looking at all the photos I take (especially those of the niblings), makes me happy.

Front Door – We’re doing a front porch makeover this spring. New storm door, new address numbers, and we’ll be painting the front door blue! I think the pop of color will look fabulous. I’ll post before and after photos. Since it would be difficult to sell our house in the current economy, little home makeovers like this make me happy.

Healthy Things


Training for Iron Goddess 2011 – I’m planning on competing again in this year’s Iron Goddess Triathlon and maybe in one of the T-Rex series triathlons. I’ll need to work on increasing my swimming and running in order to do the longer mileage.

Reach my Healthy Weight – I’ve been in the process of losing weight for the last 19 months. I’ve lost a little more than 40 pounds. I’d like to continue losing weight and lose an additional 20 pounds.

Get Outdoors – I want to get outside more often in 2011. I want to go car camping, hiking, and kayaking more regularly. Besides being fun, they help me work towards my goals of losing weight and getting in shape.

Wishing you the best in 2011!


  1. Aunt Mary says

    Love the photos! You’ve done a great job, Rebecca, in acquiring a healthy life style…good for you! All the best for 2011!

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