Always, Sometimes, Never


Found this blog idea from another friendly blogger who recently ventured to the new Harry Potter theme park on her honeymoon.   It’s also inspired by a few others.  See below for the credits and some chuckles.

Sarah always:

  • eats breakfast and wears her seat belt.
  • is thankful for her friends and family.
  • wants to explore new places.
  • wants a puppy.
  • loves getting real mail.
  • people watches.
  • hopes.

Sarah sometimes:

  • reads the newspaper (’cause I’m afraid it will go out of print if I don’t).
  • treats herself to the picture book section of the library.
  • pretends to be vegetarian.
  • jumps in puddles.
  • breaks into song and wish she could sing like the kids on Glee.
  • wants to rent a red VW bug and drive across the country.
  • waves at police officers because they need kindness too.

Sarah never:

  • will own a cat.
  • wear high heels.
  • is decisive.
  • passes a Sonic without remembering good times with friends and ice cream.
  • liked sweet tea until this year.
  • wants to forget those who love me.
  • will cheer for the Buckeyes.

Rebecca always:

  • smiles when seeing new photos of the niblings (that’s niece and nephew for the uninitiated).
  • cries during episodes of Survivor when their families visit.
  • thinks about building our dream house.
  • eats breakfast (and it’s almost always a bowl of oatmeal).
  • watches A Muppet Family Christmas each year.

Rebecca sometimes:

  • wins Facebook Scrabble games against her sister-in-law.
  • plays video games with Dave and actually wins!
  • sings along to showtunes while working.

Rebecca never:

  • will be a sports person, either watching or playing.
  • will eat mushrooms or seafood.
  • drank wine until this year.
  • will own a cat.
  • become a smoker.

Inspired by oh hello friend, jessica jane, your wishcake, and kyla.

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